The True North Anthologies

THE TRUE NORTH (published in 1988)

64 page b/w (with two pages in colour) squarebound comic. Newsprint stock. Cardstock covers. Front cover artwork ©1988 Dave Sim


Featuring art and stories by Canadian creators or creators based in Canada, including: Dave Sim, Chester Brown, David Boswell, Jeffrey Taylor, Ron Kasman, Ronn Sutton, Kent Burles, Ty Templeton, Greg Holfeld, Nick Burns, Michael Cherkas and Larry Hancock, M.A. Bramstrup and Monique Renee, William Van Horn, Dan Day, Bernie Mireault and Joe Matt, George Metzger, Mark Shainblum and Gabriel Morrissette, Matt Wagner, George Freeman, Rodney Dunn, David Darrigo, Todd McFarlane and Terry Fitzgerald, Seth, Rob Walton, Ian Carr, R.G. Taylor and Mark Askwith, Gordon Derry and Adrian Kleinbergen, Derek McCulloch and Simon Tristam, and Ken Steacy.

This comic was produced to raise funds for the legal defense of Comic Legends, a Calgary, AB comic book store charged with possession of, intent to sell, and intent to distribute obscene materials. The store was eventually found guilty of the first two charges, and fined $5500CDN. After an appeal to a higher court, the convictions were not overturned, but the fine was reduced to $3000CDN.

A large poster of the front cover artwork (sans text) was also produced. Posters are $7.00CDN/$6.50US (unsigned). There are also a limited number of signed (by Dave Sim) posters available for a minimum $25 donation to the Comic Legends Legal Defense Fund.

THE TRUE NORTH II (published in 1991)

72 page b/w saddle stapled comic. Newsprint stock. Cardstock covers. (Foldout front cover) Front cover artwork ©1991 Dave Sim


Featuring art and stories by Canadian creators or creators whose work has been detained by Canada Customs, including: Dave Sim and Gerhard, Ken Steacy, Greg Hyland and John Migliore, Carel Moiseiwitsch and Dennis Eichhorn, R.G. Taylor, Ron Kasman and Gabriel Morrissette,Theresa Henry, Chester Brown, Diana Schutz and Monty Sheldon, Roberta Gregory, Darren Raye and Sean Scoffield, Seth, Kent Burles, Ty Templeton, Sylvie Rancourt and Jacques Boivin, Denis Beauvais, Richard Pace, Jeffrey Morgan, Stephen Bissette, Leonard S Wong, Ronn Sutton, Deni Loubert, Gilbert Hernandez, Joe Matt and Bernie Mireault, David Boswell, Janet Hetherington, Toren Smith and Tomoko Saito, Todd McFarlane, Pat McEown, Derek McCulloch and Simon Tristan, Rick Trembles, Reed Waller and Kate Worley, Tom Grummett and Roger Williamson, Al Roy and Max Douglas, Jerry Prosser and Matt Wagner, Kelley Jones, and Moebius.

This comic was originally produced to raise funds for the legal defense of Planet Earth Comics, a Toronto, ON shop, and Andromeda Publications, a Toronto-based comic book distributor. However, both parties eventually ended up making deals with the Crown prosecutor. Charges were dropped against three of the four individuals at Planet Earth, and the fourth pleaded guilty to two charges of possession of obscene material with intent to sell (as opposed to the original 22 charges). Andromeda and its owner, Ron Van Leeuwen, were charged with seven counts of distributing obscene material, and also agreed to plead guilty to a lesser number of charges.

Copies of both issues of THE TRUE NORTH and the Cerebus poster (signed and unsigned) are still available directly from the CLLDF at cover price, plus $2 per comic order or $4US/$5CDN per poster order for shipping and packaging. (Stores or individuals may purchase 10 copies or more of TRUE NORTH II and/or the unsigned poster at a 50% discount.) Cheques or money orders should be made payable to: The Comic Legends Legal Defense Fund.

Orders or donations to the Fund can be sent to:

paul Stockton, 183 Woodycrest Ave., Toronto, Ont, M4J 3C2.

Leonard Wong, PO Box 48873, Bentall Station, Vancouver, BC, Canada, V7X 1A8.

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