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For over a decade, Vancouver Comicon events have taken place at Heritage Hall, 3102 Main Street, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Throughout the year, we put on a series of one-day comic book conventions, card shows, and toy and collectable shows.

We've got a new shiny website, http://www.vancouvercomiccon.com/. Please bookmark it instead of this page. This page will not be updated anymore and will probably disappear by the end of the year. Thanks.


2009 Shows:

September 13
November 15

For more information about either show, please email lswong@uniserve.com or call 604-322-6412

Guest Links

Steve Lieber, artist of Whiteout, and Whiteout: Melt, Grendel Tales: Devil's Apprentice, Hawkman, Detective Comics and Conan the Usurper. (11/7/99)

Kaare Andrews, cover artist for Wolverine, Amazing Spider-Man and Incredible Hulk; artist of Ultimate X-Men #s23 and 24, Spider-Man: Doctor Octopus, and Wolverine #32. (3/19/00)

J.H. Williams, artist of Promethea, Son of Superman, and Chase. (5/28/00)

Kyle Baker, Eisner Award winning creator of "Letitia Lerner, Superman's Baby Sitter," I Die at Midnight, You Are Here, Why I Hate Saturn, and The Cowboy Wally Show. (7/16/00)

On Sunday, August 20, 2000, we hosted over 25 small press artists and publishers. Here's a list of participants and their web sites: Megan Kelso (Girlhero, Queen of the Black Black), David Lasky (Boom Boom, Urban Hipster), Ariel Bordeaux (No Lost Love, Deep Girl), Rick Altergott (Doofus), Smell of Steve, Inc. (Smell of Steve), Greg Stump (Urban Hipster), Owen Plummer & Terry Hann (Rubber Popsicle Factory), Steve Rolston (Jack Spade & Tony Two-Fist), Jane Thomsett (Juana Bee Paper Bag Comix), Robin Bougie (Deviant, Cinema Sewer), Kevin Long (Tuffy the Onion), Brad Yung (Stay as you are), Randy Wood (Kitties in the Engine), Jeanette Ordas (Queen of the Universe), Kyla Sweet (Notebook Comix), Syndicate Publishing (Mojo Mechanics), Tatiana Gill (SpyFi), Damian Willcox (Dorkboy), Ron Turner (Antenna Head), Andrea Gin (Turf), Susan Ferguson (Underbelly), James Lloyd, Ira Hunter, and Lee-Roy (Greg's Manifesto).

Andi Watson, creator of Skeleton Key, Geisha, and Breakfast After Noon, writer of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. (10/15/00)

Shannon Wheeler, creator of Too Much Coffee Man (3/25/01)

The second Comix & Stories took place on August 26, 2001. Creators present included: Ralph Alfonso (Ralph), Jason Lutes (Berlin, Jar of Fools), Ariel Bordeaux (Deep Girl, Bizarro Comics), Ellen Forney (I Was Seven in '75, Bizarro Comics), Smell of Steve, Inc (Smell of Steve), David Lasky (Boom Boom, Urban Hipster), Greg Stump (Urban Hipster, Dwarf Attack), Gerrie Hondius, Brad Yung (Stay as you are), Owen and Terry Plummer (Rubber Popsicle Factory), Craig McKenney (Stalagmite), Andrea Gin (Turf), Ira Hunter (Champions of Hell, Habman), Robin Thompson (Champions of Hell, Gut Buster, Captain Spaceman), FINK (Leopold and Brink, Future Fantastic), Lara Jenny (Pop Boffin), Jason McLean, David Kelly (Steven's Comics, Boy Trouble), Robin Bougie (Cinema Sewer, Deviant), Henry Chamberlain (Man), Doretta Lau (Pony, Uprooted, Chow Yun Fat is My Tom Cruise), team Sevrd Hed, Marc Bell (Mojo Action Companion Unit), Amy Lockhart, Poetry Man, Steve Richards (Sockamagee), Julian Lawrence (Drippy), May So (Gloogirl Comics), Gareth Gaudin (Magic Teeth), Mike Noonan (Fancy Parts, Short Term Memory), Bob Prodor, Pregnant Embryo Producitons, and Kim Glennie (Girls' Room, Swell™).

Mike S. Miller, penciller of Adventures of Superman, JLA, Wolverine, JLAliens, and Black Tide. (11/18/01)

Pia Guerra, artist for Y -- The Last Man. (11/18/01)

Michael Wm. Kaluta, artist of The Shadow, Starstruck, Carson of Venus, Metropolis, The Abyss; cover artist for Books of Magic. (5/26/02)

The third Comix & Stories show occurred on August 25, 2002. Creators and publishers present included: Jim Woodring (Jim, Frank, Trosper, Tantalizing Stories), Ralph Alfonso (Ralph), Anne Elizabeth Moore (Matte Magazine), David Lasky (Boom Boom, Urban Hipster), Brad Yung, (Stay As You Are), Robin Bougie (Cinema Sewer, Deviant), Owen Plummer (Rubber Popsicle Factory), James Lloyd (The Trip, Other Stuff, Futurama), Robin Thompson (Captain Spaceman, Knuckles Malone), Ira Hunter (Champions of Hell, Habman), Henry Chamberlain (Man, Girl Power), Ron Turner, Damian Wilcox (dorkboy, workin' jones), Steve Richards (Sockamagee), Jeannette Ordas (Queen of the Universe), Davey Oil, Mike Noonan (Fancy Pants, Short Term Memory), Dalton Webb, Donald King (The Wandering Eye), Andy Mori (Flopnik), Matt Brossard, Pregnant Embryo Productions, Bent Comics, Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas (A Tale of Two Shamans, The Last Voyage of the Black Ship), Scott Faulkner (Unabashed, Straight to Video), Enigmatica Films, Marc Bell, and The Nerve Magazine.

Cameron Stewart, penciller of Catwoman (3/23/03)

Skottie Young, penciller of Human Torch, Spider-Man: Legend of the Spider Clan, X-Men Unlimited #37 (5/25/03)

The fourth Comix & Stories show took place on August 24, 2003. Creators and publishers present included: David Boswell (Reid Fleming, World's Toughest Milkman, Heartbreak Comics), Shannon Wheeler (Too Much Coffee Man), Greg Stump (Urban Hipster, Dwarf Attack), David Lasky (Urban Hipster, Boom Boom), Smell of Steve, Inc. (Smell of Steve), Robin Bougie (Cinema Sewer, Deviant), Damian Wilcox (Dorkboy, Workin' Jones), Gareth Gaudin (Magic Teeth Comix), Ira Hunter (Champions of Hell, Hemp Island), Robin Thompson (Captain Spaceman, Knuckles Malone),Owen Plummer (Rubber Popsicle Factory), James Lloyd (Other Stuff, Futurama), Shawn Granton (Ten Foot Rule, Modern Industry), Andy Mori (Flopnik), BENT Comics, Barking Raven Press,Nick Vein (Meat Eating Robot), Rusty Haight (Broken Glass Barbed Wire Street Fight, Last Minute Prayers), Steve Richards (Sockamagee), Marc Bell (Shrimpy and Paul and Friends), Pregnant Embryo Productions, Drue Langlois and Hollie Dzama, Michael Nicoll Yahgulanaas (A Tale of Two Shamans, The Last Voyage of the Black Ship), Trevor Metz, Bob Prodor, and Ariel Desbois.

Francis Manapul, penciller of Witchblade and Legion of Super Heroes (9/7/03, 5/25/08) and Agnes Garbowska (5/25/08)

Michel Gagné, writer/illustrator of Insanely Twisted Rabbits, Frenzied Fauna: from A to Z, A Search For Meaning: The Story of Rex, Zed, Detective Comics (11/16/03)

J. Torres, writer of Teen Titans Go, X-Men: Ronin, Sidekicks, Alison Dare, The Copybook Tales (3/28/04)

Trina Robbins, writer of Barbie, Wonder Woman, GoGirl!; author of The Great Women Cartoonists, Tender Murderers: Women Who Kill, From Girls to Grrrlz (5/30/04)

Sunday, August 29, 2004 was the date of the fifth annual Comix & Stories show. Creators and publishers present included: Jim Mahfood (Grrl Scouts, Stupid Comics), David Boswell (Reid Fleming, World's Toughest Milkman), Ralph Alfonso (Ralph), Greg Stump (Dwarf Attack, Urban Hipster), Smell of Steve, Inc. (Smell of Steve), James Lloyd (Other Stuff, Futurama),Verne Andru (Captain Canuck, Phantacea), Rebecca Dart (RabbitHead),Robin Bougie (Cinema Sewer), Robin Thompson and Ira Hunter (Champions of Hell), Kelly Everaert (Trilogy of Terror), Andy Mori (Flopnik), Ken Boesem (Barking Raven Press), Pregnant Embryo Productions, Owen Plummer (Marching Chicken Press), Craig McKenney (Headless Shakespeare), Ed Brisson (Sob Story), Brian Fukushima (Salt For Sore Eyes, Comics For Your Church), Taylor Beaumont,Shawn Granton (TFR Industries), Trevor Frick, Ron Turner, Kim Glennie (Girls Room, Positive Nihilism, Skate Spot), Derek De Land (Swell tm, Copyright Infringers, Skate Spot), Rusty Beach (Ghettotoons), Trevor Metz (Crossfire Comics), Marc Bell (Shrimpy and Paul and Friends), Steve Rolston (One Bad Day, Pounded, Mek, Queen and Country), and Mishka Sturley.

Greg Rucka, author of A Gentleman's Game, A Fistful of Rain, Critical Space, Shooting at Midnight; writer of Queen and Country, Gotham Central, Wolverine, Wonder Woman, Adventures of Superman, Detective Comics, Ultimate Daredevil & Elektra, Whiteout. (11/14/04)

Jeff Parker, creator of Interman, artist on Vampirella, Batgirl, Robin, Wonder Woman. (11/14/04)

Matt Haley, cover artist of Firestorm; artist of Jack Hunter: G. I. Spy, Birds of Prey. (6/5/05)

Corey "Rey" Lewis, creator of Sharknife; artist of Street Fighter. (6/5/05)

On Sunday, August 28, 2005, the sixth annual Comix & Stories show took place. Creators in attendance included: Shannon Wheeler (Too Much Coffee Man), Marc Bell (Worn Tuff Elbow, The Stacks, Shrimpy and Paul), Ralph Alfonso (Ralph), Steve Rolston (One Bad Day, Pounded), James Lloyd (Other Stuff, Superstar, Drippytown), Susan Ferguson (Underbelly Comics, Koala and Sheep), Robin Bougie (Cinema Sewer), Damian Wilcox (Dorkboy), Josue Menjivar (Way Off Main), Ira Hunter (Champions of Hell, Hemp Island), Robin Thompson (Lil' Natas, Zombie Jesus), Kelly Everaert (Trilogy of Terror), Ken Boesem (1918, War Story: An American Parable), Verne Andru (Captain Canuck, Phantacea, Rock and Rule), Julian Lawrence (Drippytown), Kevin Leeson (Critical Hit Comics), Todd Ireland (Critical Hit Comics), Trevor Frick (Centuri, Way of the Ninja), Shawn Granton (Ten Foot Rule), Craig McKenny (The Brontes: Infernal Angria, The Magic If, Stalagmite),Jason Turner, RC Johnson (Eraser Dust), Scott Faulkner (FineComix), Ed Brisson (Sob Story, You Ain't No Dancer), Brian Fukushima, Weatherwise, Miriam Libicki (Real Gone Girl), Mike Myhre, Sarah Haxby (Pear Girl), and Peter Beach

Gene Ha, artist of Top Ten, Top Ten: The Forty-Niners, Global Frequency, Batman: Fortunate Son (9/18/05)

Al Feldstein, editor of Mad Magazine; artist/writer of Tales From the Crypt, Weird Science, Weird Fantasy, Vault of Fear, Shock Suspenstories (11/20/05)

Brandon Graham, creator of Escalator (4/30/06)

The seventh Comix & Stories show was on Sunday, August 27, 2006. Creators and publishers at the show included: James Jean (Fables, Process Recess), Corey Lewis (Peng, Sharkknife), Brandon Graham (Escalator), Steve Rolston (One Bad Day, The Escapists), Marc Bell (Nog a Dod, The Stacks, Worn Tuff Elbow), Josue Menjivar (Way Off Main, Everyday Things), Robin Bougie (Cinema Sewer), Fred Grisolm (Hate Song), David Lasky (Urban Hipster), Scott Faulkner (Moxie, My Sweet), Camilla d'Errico (Burn, Zevon-7), Robin Thompson and Ira Hunter (Champions of Hell), Kelly Everaert, (Eyes of the Zombie, Jungle Tales), Susan Ferguson (Antic Comics), Gareth Gaudin (Magic Teeth), Didier Arpin (Rash), Jason Pultz (Comic Strip (scarybear & Friends)), Laura Eveleigh (Little Illustrated Books), Ken Boesem (The Village, 1918), Miriam Libicki (Jobnik!), Sarah Haxby (Peargirl), Sean Esty (Marooned), Verne Andru (420, Rock and Rule), Justin Pasieka (1989), Trevor Frick, Mike Myhre (Space Jet Comics), Jordan Neufeld (Sticks and Stones), Trevor Metz (Crossfire Comics), Gabriel Frizzera (Isthmus, Heavy Metal Heart), RC Johnson (Eraser Dust Comics), Mary Kim, Don King, Jonathon Dalton, Gary Wildeman, Vince Yim, The Radar Friends, Critical Hit Comics, The Sonar Gang, Perro Verlag Books, and Skeleton Key Press.

Derek Kirk Kim, writer of Good As Lily, artist of Fables: 1001 Nights of Snowfall, creator of Lowbright, Same Difference and Other Stories (11/4/07)


Other Stuff

The 2002 Comix and Stories featured the debut of Vancouver Special, a 32-page anthology comic featuring the work of many of the creators in attendance at the show. Copies of the comic are available by mail @ $6.32CDN (price includes postage and GST in Canada) via Paypal.

Original Kaare Andrews, Takeshi Miyazawa, Steve Rolston and Doug Wheatley art for sale. (updated 12/2705)

Need a place to stay while you're in Vancouver? We've got a corporate rate with The Empire Landmark Hotel (1400 Robson Street) in downtown Vancouver. Email for more details and our corporate account number.

Send email if you have any questions, guest suggestions, or would like to be added to our emailing list for future events.

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